Dan Jane founded the My Taranaki project (originally called I ♥ Taranaki) in 2012.

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  • Contemplation on the Coastal Walkway

  • By danza
  • A man watches the sunset from the central deck of the New Plymouth Coastal Walkway. There are many locations along the 11km walkway where you can relax at the end of the day and be at peace with your thoughts.
  • Shooting Sunsets at Kaupokonui

  • By danza
  • My Taranaki photographers are always "chasing the light" for a great shot. On this occasion, Tim and I ended up at Kaupokonui Beach, near Manaia, to catch the sunset. While Tim was setting up his camera, I captured this one on my phone in "HDR mode" and tweaked it a bit more at home.
  • Naumai Park Sanctuary

  • By danza
  • Naumai Park is a small plant and wildlife reserve tucked away on the outskirts of Hawera. A small bridge and stone wall separates the main lake from a smaller "upper" lake.
  • Divine Pink

  • By danza
  • St Andrew's Church in Inglewood takes on a very distinctive hue at night.
  • Taranaki and Panitahi

  • By danza
  • Mt Taranaki (2,518 m) and Fanthams Peak (1,962 m) at sunset, captured from  Kaweora Road, east of Opunake.
  • Stealth

  • By danza
  • Mt Taranaki on a glary winters day, captured from Ngawhini Road, east of Hawera.
  • Lakefront Property

  • By danza
  • Taranaki Pioneer Village, on the outskirts of Stratford, is like a trip back in time, with a collection of restored buildings from the 19th and early 20th centuries showcasing early pioneer life in New Zealand. This small lake is located in the middle of the 10-acre village.
  • 100 Minutes at Mangamahoe

  • By danza
  • A 100 minute exposure captured at the Lake Mangamahoe reserve, with Mt Taranaki in the background. The long exposure was created by stacking 100 one-minute exposures to reveal the star trails.
  • Inglewood Station

  • By danza
  • The Inglewood Rail Station was built in 1876, and is one of the oldest surviving station buildings.