Author archives: Tim Bond

  • The Last Trace of Twilight

  • By Tim Bond
  • This shot was taken from the deck of Pouakai Hut, part of the ever popular Pouakai Circuit. It shows the constellation Orion very clearly, along with Mars (the small orange "star" mid shot) as well as the moon.  
  • A Ball Of Light On Manawapou Beach

  • By Tim Bond
  • While shooting the sunset at Manawapou Beach recently I decided I would try and make a "ball of light". This is a single 60 second exposure using a couple a glowsticks and an LED torch attached to a cable being spun around to capture the light trails. Quite a bit of fun trying to get it right :)
  • Sunset Glow

  • By Tim Bond
  • Mt Egmont/Taranaki glows in the last moments before sunset. Taken from the Kaupokonui Beach turn off on Surf Highway 45.