How to Upload Photos

If you haven’t uploaded a photo to a website like this before, the Uploads page can look a little daunting (compared to, for example, Facebook) – but it’s really quite easy.

First you’ll need to Register and/or Sign-in to the website (there’s a good reason for this, we’ll get to it soon). You’ll find the “Sign-in” button at the top-right corner of this website. Registration is very quick and easy, and you can even choose to Sign-in with your Facebook profile to make it even quicker and easier!

After you have signed in, you can mouse-over the button (which now shows as your Profile) and a drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Add Post” and you’ll be presented with the Uploads page. Follow the steps and you’ll have your first photo on the website.

IMPORTANT: Please only attach/upload ONE photo per post. Photos must be at least 2 megapixel (about 1600 pixels wide), to ensure they can be printed if chosen for the book. If possible upload the original file – i.e. do NOT reduce the size. There is currently an upload limit of five photos per person, per week.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: After you click on the Submit Post button, please don’t leave the page or close the browser window until you have received the upload confirmation. No confirmation, no upload!

So why do you have Register and Sign-in first?

As a user-content-based website, all uploads need to be properly managed – and the good news is, you can review and manage your uploads yourself. After you upload your first photo, mouse-over the Profile button again and you’ll see an option to view all your uploads (the website calls them “Posts”). This is a great feature for those of you worried about losing control of your amazing photos, and the option is always there for you to delete them again if you have second thoughts.

If you have a spare minute or two, do explore the various options and functions of this website.