Photo Requirements

The I Love Taranaki website is the place to share your amazing photos of the Taranaki region. However, there are several requirements in place to ensure the photos can be displayed correctly.

1. Photos must be at least 1600 pixels wide.

Uploaded photos need to be large enough to look good on the website, and also for print if chosen for the book. Do not upload photos from your Facebook page – they will be too small and pixelated. As a general guide, JPEG files that are at least 1MB in size will probably be OK. This is the one that catches most people out, so please keep it in mind.

2. Photos cannot be larger than 30 megapixels.

Uploading photos at their original size is recommended – however, if the photo is huge the website may have difficulty processing it. Most cameras take photos between 8 and 24 megapixels in size, which should be fine. However, stitched panoramas can end up being larger than 30 megapixels, so you will need to reduce the size a bit before uploading. As a general guide, JPEG files larger than 20MB will be too big.

3. Photos must be taken by you.

Any photos you upload must be ones that you have taken yourself. You cannot upload photos taken by other people, even if they are family.

4. Photos should not have a watermark or border.

Uploaded photos must not have watermarks, date stamps or elaborate borders, as they will be formatted to suit the style of the website, and must be suitable for inclusion in the book if chosen.

5. Photos must be sharp and good quality.

Even if a photo is larger than the minimum 1600 pixels wide, it must still look good on the website. For that reason, photos that are pixelated or blurry shouldn’t be uploaded.

6. Photos should not be duplicates.

Please do not upload variations of the exact same photo (i.e. altered slightly in Photoshop or other editing software).

7. Photos must be relevant and suitable.

Even when all technical specifications have been met, photos must still adhere to the purpose of the project – showcasing the beauty and diversity of the Taranaki region.

8. Photos must not contain copyright material or advertising.

We can’t publish any photos that infringe upon the copyright of others. Additionally, anything that may be construed as advertising for another brand probably won’t be accepted, regardless of whether there is a copyright infringement.

9. Featured art and sculpture should be accredited.

If a photo prominently features local artwork (murals, sculpture etc), please include the artist’s name in the description where possible. In some instances – for example, where the art is a temporary installation – the artist’s name must always be included.