Photo Protection

How do I know my photos won’t be stolen and used by someone else?

I’m a photographer myself, so I have been very particular about how to protect the photos that are uploaded. Firstly, the original files (the full resolution uploads) are hidden and cannot be accessed my anyone else. The images that appear on the website are resized versions of the original upload.

When you upload new photos, they are placed in a “pending” queue where they await admin approval - not because I don’t trust you, but because a watermark needs to be added to the resized images. After I have added the My Taranaki watermark, the new photos are published to the site. The watermark is reasonably prominent (without being too intrusive) and makes it difficult for people to use the photos for their own, unauthorized purposes.

When I upload a new photo, how long does it take to appear on the website?

New photo uploads remain in the “pending” queue until I can access them and add the protective watermark. Obviously I’m not able to respond immediately 24/7 but I receive notifications whenever new photos are uploaded, and will endeavour to publish them ASAP.

Can I add my own watermark or tagline to the photo?

It is preferable that you upload your photos without any watermarks or taglines. I will add the My Taranaki watermark which will protect your photo from unauthorized usage, and if I use the photo elsewhere to promote the website, I will always credit the photographer. i.e. Photo © 2013 Joe Bloggs, or simply Photo: Joe Bloggs.

Having the My Taranaki logo on all the photos also helps to promote the website and community (of contributors), and will help the project grow and attract more visitors. Photos that appear in the book will NOT have any watermark, but will always be accredited to the photographer with a tagline.

What can I do if I think the watermark on my photo is too big or too small?

Although I manually add the watermark to new photos, the process itself is automated, and the size of the watermark was chosen after considerable testing (using different sizes). However, I have versions that are slightly larger and slightly smaller, that can be used for odd-sized photos (i.e. panoramas). If you think the watermark on your photo if too intrusive, let me know, and I’ll test a smaller version of the logo to see if it’s suitable.

Can I edit or delete my photos after they have been uploaded?

Yes, and yes! When you register on the website and start uploading photos, they are linked to your profile. To view all your photos, mouse-over your profile (top right corner) and from the drop-down menu choose My Profile. From there you can edit the text or even delete them. Please note however, that any edits will place the photo back in the “pending” queue.

I have more questions!

No problemo. You can send your questions and feedback via the CONTACT FORM.